German problem is a result of it being the US semi-colony..


German problem is - being a province of the Greek Empire aka "the West".It has been reduced from a nation to a population.

德国的问题在于--它是希腊帝国(又称 "西方")的一个省。它已从一个国家沦为一个族群。

In the European context Greece has been the East for centuries. Also has not been an empire for nearly 600 years. Even with this odd statement of yours, Greece is not the custodian of Western culture. No population in the West actually tries to emulate Greek Imperial philosophy or political structure.

在欧洲范围内,希腊数百年来一直是东方国家。希腊也有近 600 年没有成为帝国了。即使你说得再奇怪,希腊也不是西方文化的守护者。西方没有一个民族试图模仿希腊帝国的哲学或政治结构。

Europe should've got out of NATO in 1991. The ww2 generation had aged out by then

欧洲本应在 1991 年退出北约。那时,二战时期的一代人已经老去。

I'd remove the word "semi" from your line, then I'll fully agree.Also, not only DE, but indeed the whole of Europe.

我想把你台词中的 "半"字去掉,这样我就完全同意了。另外,不仅是德国,整个欧洲都是如此。

I wouldn't put it as colony, because often colonies are at least tributaries to their master nation. Instead the US wastes money on Germany for next to no returns. More the EU members of NATO are like welfare recipients, the NATO military doctrine assumes USA has achieved air dominance, and every one of its failures will be covered by US troops.


This is an absurdly unhealthy mindset for any military force. Yet Britain, an island Nation, could have its Navy's ass handed to it by the Japanese Defense forces' fleet, and remember by treaty up until less than a decade ago, Japan wasn't allowed to even have a proper military, and their navy was restricted by conventions that limited them harder than the League of Nations agreement they were forced into after WW1. Yet Britain allowed their fleet to atrophy away into relatively nothing.


If it wasn't for the fact that people can actively see troops and planes and expect to see them in military parades the EU nations would have probably allowed those to decay into nothing off the assumption that the US would handle all those aspects of war for them as well.And now we're seeing the NATO doctrine absolutely failing despite the best of last gen US equipment and the more common of current gen EU equipment being shipped on mass to Ukraine.


I believe Russia applied the rights of self determination of the 5 regions of Ukraine, upon the same "rights of determination" that the US/Nato applied to Kosovo.How can one be right, and the other wrong, because it's all based on which side of the fence you place yourself....


Just like East Timor for referendum, when in favor of west they call it legit..when not  then call it fake ..


There is one commonality in every dire situation globally - the USA is involved.


When was USA right - apart from entering WWII on the side of UK and USSR?


even then, they joined in, after the war was basically won by 27 million Russians and picked up the pieces...

即便如此,在 2700 万俄罗斯人基本上赢得战争并收拾残局之后,他们还是加入了战争......

Even then american compagnies funded and supported the moustache man.


The USA won’t send conventional forces into combat for Ukraine. The casualties would be horrific and the political consequences at home would be devastating.


Ukraine is now losing 2200 to 3000 men a day. This can't keep going on forever. Ukraine is losing men they cannot replace.

乌克兰现在每天损失 2200 到 3000 人,这种情况不可能永远持续下去,乌克兰正在损失他们无法补充的人员。

If he was the advisor to Merkel, pretty much yeah, he just knows how bad it is going against a country that has the economy and resources to supply their military in attrition warfare against NATO. Because NATO itself doesn't do well on war of attrition, US never won any attrition warfare and actually avoids it.


This conflict must also be viewed from an economic point of view to properly get a balanced opinion. Prior to 2014, the United State announced a decision to pivot east, this implies moving the bulk of it's military asset and financial resources towards that direction. But why?

要正确看待这场冲突,还必须从经济角度出发。2014 年之前,美国宣布决定向东转移,这意味着美国的大部分军事资产和财政资源都将向东转移。但为什么要这样做呢?

To answer this critical question and how it relates to the present unfolding event we see today, we have to establish two things:-
(1) Who makes these decision
(2) What is their goal/interest.

(1) 谁做出这些决定
(2) 他们的目标/利益是什么。

this decision are made by the owners & controllers of global financial capitals(OCGFC). This group of people have no national identity but are cut from mainly Europe and America, they are not patriotic neither are they loyal or disloyal to any country or people. they mostly operate in the derivative market which eclipse the capital of the real economy, the power that they wield appear to most as the power of the west but on the contrary the west is just an effective instrument for them. America is their most important captured state asset because of its geography and  massive military and financial might.


2)their goal is expansion of profit and market share. A critical look at Europe shows a shrinking demography and lack of resources. Prior to now the Europe could rely on global/colonial market and financial capital form the state (marshall plan). Now the global market is been diluted by emerging economy from Asia. It's very own market is already saturated, with finite resources and diminishing labour and consumer market. The reality is that Europe has become unprofitable.


The OCGFC seeing this has made the decision to pull out financial capitals from Europe; the Europeans on their part have two options, it could either expand East by force or by an alliance. What lies east of Europe? Yes, Russia. An alliance between Europe and Russia will form an extremely powerful bloke that will threaten the USA hegemony or even unseat it which is a no no for the OCGFC. The decision was made to either conquer Russia or drive a wedge between them and Europe. This is typical of the capitalist, when the meet a dead end they manufacture a war.

全球金融资本(OCGFC)看到了这一点,决定从欧洲撤出金融资本;欧洲人则有两个选择,要么武力东扩,要么结盟东扩。欧洲以东是什么?没错,就是俄罗斯。欧洲和俄罗斯结盟将形成一个极其强大的集团,威胁到美国的霸权,甚至将其推翻,这对 OCGFC 来说是不可能的。决定要么征服俄罗斯,要么在他们和欧洲之间打入楔子。这是典型的资本主义做法,当他们走投无路时,就会制造战争。

First secretary of the NATO, Lord Hastings Ismay: NATO is here to keep the Americans in, the Russians out and the Germans down. Still, 80 years after the end of WW2 and 33 years after the fall of the USSR (and the end of the cold war) we have 40 American military basis in Germany.


They are gonna call it Ukraine’s defeat not the NATO’s anyway so…


It seems to me that NATO is not defending anyone, including Europe. It just helps to achieve political goals of the US.


Germany was a fascist country and had aggressively invaded Russia and caused millions of deaths. Now, it is a joke that he sees Russia as an aggressor. As to the hostility to China, it is more bizarre. He should consult his history book about Germany’s agression in China in the 19 century- burning down the Summer Palace and the scramble for concessions in the Eastern part of China.

德国是一个法西斯国家,曾侵略俄罗斯,造成数百万人死亡。现在,他却把俄罗斯视为侵略者,这简直是个笑话。至于敌视中国,那就更离奇了。他应该翻翻历史书,看看 19 世纪德国对中国的侵略--烧毁颐和园,争夺中国东部的租界。

China is thousands miles away from Germany. What had the people done to deserve to be killed because the allies just fancied trading their wares there? This ex-military is absurdly uneducated and swallowed the propaganda of the collective west. Since he is retired, he should use his time to re-educate himself.


"Europe must strengthen itself militarily and emancipate itself economically." That's exactly the opposite of what Merkel did.


The fact that the general refused to answer the question that Germany cannot address the Nordstream 2 bombing explains why Europe is in the current situation.

将军拒绝回答德国无法解决北溪 2 号管道爆炸的问题,这说明了为什么欧洲会陷入目前的局面。

the former general keeps insisting NATO is a defensive alliance against threats. This begs the question, defense for what, and against which threats? If we go down the list of NATO operations, it would be quite clear that the object for defense is US hegemony and interest, in whatever shape or form it might be, from political to material like oil. As for threat, anything or anyone who threatens the said object is considered a threat.


Take China for example. its not even in the same continent. Same as Russia, and yet they are the greatest threat to the US hegemony and interest, so they are a threat, despite the fact that they had deep economic ties with Europe and severing those is simply going to lead Europe down the path of economic stagnation. yet here we are, europe killing itself to ensure the actual object of defense remains intact. There is clear cause for concern that Russia can invade europe, given the past, however, this is also true that reason why this can happen is due to a lack of diplomacy.


Now they are all scared that trump will come and they'll be left to their own devices. Question you should be asking is, why should it matter to Europe who becomes president in another continent? You will have Russia on your border regardless. It's common sense to have a strong diplomatic team for that.


Won't work now though. This is another reason why USA and NATO is so bad for Europe. To appease them, you antagonize Russia and China who are close by, to the point where there is active animosity now. Such a bizarre case of shortsightedness its baffling.


The problem here lies on the wrong thinking that "west" must prevail. And the believe that NATO someway warranted peace is quite wrong, in my opinion!

这里的问题在于 "西方"必须占上风的错误思想。在我看来,认为北约在某种程度上为和平保驾护航是大错特错的!

Poland donated 300 tanks which are almost all destroyed, so there are no tanks left. Despite,the government is pushing for a direct involvement in the Eastern Front. Hooray.NATO's air defence can defend less than 5% of the strategic objects on the Eastern flank.

波兰捐赠的 300 辆坦克几乎全部被毁,所以现在已经没有坦克了。尽管如此,政府仍在推动直接参与东线作战。北约的防空力量只能保卫东线不到 5%的战略目标。

Otto von Bismarck made it clear that if there was to be peace in Europe, there had to be a good deal with Russia. While Germany had good relations with Russia, there was always peace on the continent.


At first I thought Putin only wants to force NATO to recognize the security needs of Russia.But now I see this has become an existential fight, which will probably end with the destruction of NATO. Reason being NATO is like the Black Knight in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie: it’s only a flesh wound……

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